I Fixed an iPhone!

For year’s I’ve thought of iPhones as these hermetically sealed little treasures that were impossible to be opened and fixed by mere mortals. After reading Steve Job’s biography I know that this is also the perception that Apple would like us to have about these amazing little devices. But, I’m living proof that you can open one up and fix it without the Apple gods striking you down from Mount Silicon.

Trust me, I would never try this on an iPhone that I relied on 100%. The only reason I was able to take this task on was that a friend gifted me an iPhone that was totally out of commission since he upgraded to a newer phone. Plus, this phone’s screen was already damaged. So, I bought the replacement glass online and went for it. I’m not going to bore myself or anyone else with the details of how this was accomplished. Anyone can easily search for and find 20 tutorials on how to do this. I guess having the opportunity to try this on a phone with little to no consequence is the real trick. I was lucky enough to have that chance. The only detail I think anyone would really like to know is that it took me about an hour to go through all of the steps required to have the phone working properly again.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the guts of an iPhone, enjoy the images above. I’m also not implying that YOU can do this too. So, don’t blame me if you mess it up! I’m just saying I was able to pull it off and I’m not a “Genius.”

  • Barry

    Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. -Steve Jobs