Get Social

Making your website easier for others to share is super important for SEO, ROI and ever other buzz-word/acronym-of-the-week that “experts” are constantly pushing. So, why would we make it difficult for others to share your website’s info? My reasoning earlier was that I didn’t want to be your moderator, detention teacher, etc…, but my perspective has changed.

Why the Change?

My mind was changed because I started to use a productivity application called Evernote. Becoming totally obsessed with this app and productivity in general, I started to follow Paul Boag’s (the inventor of Evernote) Twitter feed also. All of that eventually led me to this article on his website. After reading through it I was totally convinced that this would be a fun thing to set up. I guess finding his article about this subject was kind of the point too.

I chose to add Disqus, a twitter mention button and Twitter’s @Anywhere library. These all seem to be great solutions, since they let these other services host the conversation.

Twitter Mention Button

I pulled some of the code out of the Twitter mention button to make it work in my already styled widget area. This took minutes, so for those who need to get this done in seconds you may want to just copy and paste with zero modification.

Disqus Comments

Since my site uses WordPress as a CMS, installing Disqus was super quick and easy. For anyone who is tired of constantly needing to update some kind of captcha/humanizer scripting for their site’s comments, I would highly recommend this tool. It installs quick and let’s people comment through one of their many existing social media profiles (if they have them). That way they don’t need a new password just to comment on my posts. If that won’t work they can comment as a guest. So far I haven’t had any issues with spam, and that was my biggest worry with leaving the default comment field enable earlier.

Twitter’s @Anywhere

Twitter announced the @Anywhere service that lets you link your website to Twitter for more in depth interaction. I’ve been having some issues with this, so it is still kind of a work in progress. Basically everything with the hovercards I created seems to work until you try and follow directly through the card. For now you can only follow someone after going to their linked profile.

Here’s a little test of twitter hovercards that might get a few more follows for those I think are awesome. @chriscoyier @paul_irish @LeaVerou @SohTanaka @Hicksdesign @boagworld @mashable and of course my own @wesleyterry

Sharing my idea/tricks/tips/thoughts is the reason I made this little website to begin with. If I can make it easier for others to do so, great. Otherwise, it is still fun to try and get this all connected.