Quarter-Plus Pageviews

Google Analytics

How important is it have a website that is mobile ready? At-a-glance it appears that mobile visitors to my site view about 27% more pages than desktop users.

Obviously this isn’t a scientific study, so there are all kinds of variables that I’m not taking into account. They might be viewing more pages because they are simply using there devices out of boredom and don’t have anything else to do. It is also very likely that they are viewing more pages, because visitors are using these devices during leisure time.

I’m not really trying to extrapolate the reason for the difference in pageviews. This is really just a little more ammo in the fight to make websites future-friendly. Clearly the mobile/tablet-users should now be considered a first-class passenger of the web.

Maybe after my upcoming redesign I can get that additional pageview number up to 50% for mobile/tablet. Clearly they stick around a little longer and deserve some more consideration.