Photo by Bryan Karl Lathrop


Trying to be as “full stack” a web developer as possible. I really like making fully-functional pieces of art. It’s hard to know what I should call myself anymore, since I care as much about the code as I do about the design. That’s not to say that I always get it “right.” But I do care to learn more about the current best-practices and dorky code stuff than I ever did before. Who uses the quote tag? “I don’t use blockquotes for inline because it ain’t proper yo!” ~ This Guy

Yeah, I also do a bunch of print design as well. Basically, Photoshop down to PHP and most of the stuff in between. Just don’t let me touch your htaccess file!


Yes I will! If there is a challenge, experience or new perspective out there that seems remotely interesting, I’ll probably give it my best shot. That doesn’t mean I’m not opinionated, but it does mean I want the world to change my views and opinions if there is something better out there (which there probably is). I’ve run marathons, completed century bike rides, surfed all over the world and won’t give up on a book unless the first 300 pages are totally unreadable. Failure is a great part of life and sometimes those experiences are better than the successes.

Similar to in my professional life, I love to look “under the hood” in my personal life too. My first motorcycle was actually purchased just so I could learn how an engine worked. Somehow I rebuilt the bike and drove it thousands of miles before I realized I was now also a motorcycle enthusiast.

Civic Involvement

Founder/Chair of the Downingtown Skatepark Organization

skatepark website

Board Member of the Downingtown Main Street Association
DMSA website

I know I sound like a pompous bozo; but isn’t that what you are supposed to sound like when writing your own bio? “Look at Me! I do things that are super coooool.” ~ Me