Get Social

Making your website easier for others to share is super important for SEO, ROI and ever other buzz-word/acronym-of-the-week that “experts” are constantly pushing. So, why would we make it difficult for others to share your website’s info? My reasoning earlier … Continue reading

A New View for “My TextMate”

Last week I was watching a screencast from the popular website CSS-TRICKS and I noticed a detail that I often overlook. Chris Coyier, the owner of this screencast, had customized colors and fonts in Textmate. Why had I never thought … Continue reading

Mac Mail Signature Hack

Creating HTML signatures on your Mac’s Mail (Snow Leopard) is an easy hack that can be accomplished in a few easy steps. You can even specify different signatures for different accounts. All you really need to accomplish this is a … Continue reading

End Internet Explorer

Would you let the majority of your neighbors drive around in cars that were half broken down and total hazards on the road? If your like me you would probably try and gently (or maybe not so gently) suggest to … Continue reading

GoLive’s Death

Was the demise of GoLive the best thing that ever happened to my web design career? After years without it I’m sure the answer is yes. First Some History When I first started creating websites my tool of choice was … Continue reading


MAMP is the application I wished I knew about when I took my first couple steps into creating websites with a CMS or dynamic content. My early attempts at anything like this was always a painstaking process of working within … Continue reading