PhilaMaking a New Comfort Zone

Socializing with strangers can be a scary thing for most of us. The stakes get raised even higher if it has anything to do with your profession. Every time I take one of those introvert/extrovert tests I fall right in … Continue reading

Quarter-Plus Pageviews

How important is it have a website that is mobile ready? At-a-glance it appears that mobile visitors to my site view about 27% more pages than desktop users. Obviously this isn’t a scientific study, so there are all kinds of … Continue reading

Hire Creative People

Organizations of all kinds need to understand that in the world where media is easily distributed and shared, the only differentiation you can now make is in how creatively you relay your messages. You might be thinking, “OK Bozo, why … Continue reading

Adding Some Depth

The pressed/embossed look is something that has taken off lately. My technique for achieving this is super simple and can add some extra depth to any design that is feeling a little flat. Start in Photoshop This all starts in … Continue reading