PhilaMaking a New Comfort Zone

Socializing with strangers can be a scary thing for most of us. The stakes get raised even higher if it has anything to do with your profession. Every time I take one of those introvert/extrovert tests I fall right in … Continue reading

Quarter-Plus Pageviews

How important is it have a website that is mobile ready? At-a-glance it appears that mobile visitors to my site view about 27% more pages than desktop users. Obviously this isn’t a scientific study, so there are all kinds of … Continue reading

Too Many Options

I really do think that it is possible to suffer from too many options. It can be totally paralyzing when starting a web project. Recently I’ve been using Evernote to create the notes and checklists for many of my projects. … Continue reading

Emailed Media Queries

I’ve been spending a bunch of time working on responsive design projects lately and have found one major flaw with how I share that information with users. The HTML emails I send are designed to fit into 600px inboxes, but … Continue reading

Get Social

Making your website easier for others to share is super important for SEO, ROI and ever other buzz-word/acronym-of-the-week that “experts” are constantly pushing. So, why would we make it difficult for others to share your website’s info? My reasoning earlier … Continue reading

Hire Creative People

Organizations of all kinds need to understand that in the world where media is easily distributed and shared, the only differentiation you can now make is in how creatively you relay your messages. You might be thinking, “OK Bozo, why … Continue reading

Technical Voting

An Amazing Opportunity Every now and again people are given the opportunity to change the way others do something important. Recently one of these opportunities fell into my lap. As part of my job as Web Manager at the Philadelphia … Continue reading

A New View for “My TextMate”

Last week I was watching a screencast from the popular website CSS-TRICKS and I noticed a detail that I often overlook. Chris Coyier, the owner of this screencast, had customized colors and fonts in Textmate. Why had I never thought … Continue reading


Smashing magazine recently had a twitter update about a website called Codecademy that helps you learn how to code. Currently there is only the “Getting Started with Programming” course available. This course goes over the basics of Javascript, with lessons … Continue reading

End Internet Explorer

Would you let the majority of your neighbors drive around in cars that were half broken down and total hazards on the road? If your like me you would probably try and gently (or maybe not so gently) suggest to … Continue reading